Surprising Opening Weapon for White

Surprising Opening Weapon for White

IM TigerLilov
Jan 1, 2015, 6:04 AM |

Happy New Year everyone! In my new blog post, I wanted to introduce you all to a brilliant opening that I have been using against many chess players – both very experienced and not so much. It is one of the easiest openings to learn, yet it’s very solid and provides white with a decent flexibility and control! Enjoy this first part of the Botvinnik English and its deadly plans against the unsuspecting opponent:

If you want to follow the analysis attentively you should maximize the broadcast window: Click on the YouTube icon or "Full screen" on the bottom right.

Here is a sample from a training package I prepared for ChessBase as well:

You can check more info on the ChessBase training package at and I will soon share my 2nd part of English Botvinnik ideas on YouTube!