The Secrets Behind the Sicilian Defense

The Secrets Behind the Sicilian Defense

IM TigerLilov
May 4, 2016, 10:43 AM |

After the positive feedback of last week’s YouTube webinar, I agreed to do another webinar for you guys, this time on understanding the Sicilian Defense.

According to Vishy Anand, the Sicilian Defense is one of the two openings, serious chess players must learn if they want to be successful (the other being the Ruy Lopez/Spanish Opening).

However, getting a refined understanding of the imbalances in this double-edged opening, and using that knowledge to win, can take many years.

That’s why I took on the challenging task to show you all the common mistakes club players make in the Sicilian, how to punish those mistakes and what GMs do differently to play the opening successfully.

This lecture, completely free to join, reveal the secrets behind the Sicilian Defense: how the pawn structure affects play, which attacks need preparing and which should be launched immediately, how to counter your opponent’s threats and the killer sacrifices that decide the game.

I hope that understanding the Sicilian Defense through the master eyes will have a big impact on the way you play this opening. With such sharp lines and the ever present opportunity for complications and tactics, a little knowledge goes a long way in the Sicilian.

So if you want to get a deep insight into Sicilian Defense mastery then make sure you check the FREE 1-hour lecture down elow! What you learn here will give you a big advantage over your rivals.

If you want to follow the lecture attentively, you should maximize the broadcast window by clicking at the lecture title on top. 

The next webinar will be streamed live on YouTube and you will be able to join for FREE just before launch time of 12pm EST on Wednesday 11th May.