Tiger Lilov's Chess Secrets: Candidate Moves

Tiger Lilov's Chess Secrets: Candidate Moves

IM TigerLilov
Mar 30, 2014, 7:31 AM |

Today’s post is reserved for the very special topic for every beginner player and that is namely the candidate moves. How do we calculate long variations with certain accuracy, so that we can commit to brave sacrifices and complicated exchanges for the sake of a favorable plan?

We all know that carrying on with one’s plan is very important for every game. That is why we need to know how to sense critical positions and most importantly, how to precisely calculate and evaluate the important candidate moves on the board. Today, I spent some time elaborating on how to improve your calculation technique. There are some tricks that many players don’t know about and thus go the long way when doing calculations over the board. Average players lose a lot of time to calculate moves they don’t need to look at. Furthermore, they calculate way too long and ‘get lost’ in the position way too often. For this video, I have selected a very instructive
examplefrom my newest training package called “Tiger Lilov’s Chess Secrets”:

If you want to follow the analysis attentively you should maximize the broadcast window: Click on the YouTube icon or "Full screen" on the bottom right.

I believe this blog post and lecture you have seen will help you improve your calculation ability. Certainly, you will need to practice on calculating variations in different types of positions, but the basic ideas and principles would remain the same.
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