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Winning a Top GM in Online Blitz

Winning a Top GM in Online Blitz

Dec 17, 2012, 7:05 AM 6

In today’s blog post, I have selected two very instructive games I played exactly a year ago on Playchess.com against one of the strongest British grandmasters, GM Nigel Short. The games were played over the internet at a comfortable blitz time control of 3 min + 1 second increment. The first game I would like to show you ended in a draw but it serves as a great example of how superior piece coordination can cause tremendous difficulties even to the strongest opponent one can ever meet over the board. On the other hand, in the second game, having accumulated enough momentum to throw myself in the unknown and play aggressively, I managed to score a point against Nigel. The videos included in this post present my games in a very instructive way, offering guidance through colorful arrows, highlighting important threats and ideas at different points of each game. I hope you enjoy these two games of mine!

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