are 2 heads better than one?

Apr 8, 2009, 7:25 AM |

I have come up with this question after playing several of my friends at Uni..

We started playing chess against each other and it turned out that i easily beat everyone...out of over 30 games played, i have drawn 2 (1 was my mistake and i created a stalemate) and resigned once (however when we played through to see what would have happened, i would have actually won) Many are looking at my rating and thinking it is awfully low, and it is, but i have many timeouts and have only just got back into chess (my sister has been using my account until March this year)

so after winning another game, i wanted a i played blindfold- and to my suprise i actually won- although it was only because of my oppenent resigning as after 20 or so moves, i was struggling! So, i asked the 2 best players there if they would like to work together to play me...and they were even worse than they were on there own- they blamed each other saying they couldnt agree on the best plan.

so i was wondering, are two heads in chess better than one? or is the one mind better? what are your thoughts?