My 8 Fundamental Principles for Chess Improvement

My 8 Fundamental Principles for Chess Improvement

GM Troffy

Hello everyone!

I have been meaning to post again for quite a while, but life passes by so quickly and suddenly I realize how long it has been. For the next while I will be sharing a video series that I did for Instagram right here on 8 Fundamentals for Chess Improvement. I have had a lot of people asking me how they can improve at chess, so this video series is basically my response to all of those people. You can check out the most recent videos by going to my Instagram and seeing them as a highlight on my account, or wait for them all to be posted here. As you will see from this one they are going to all be relatively short, and something you can quickly hop on watch and get a better idea of how you can improve your chess. 

I hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment any thoughts or questions below!


Principle #1: Work Hard and Smart