A Sicilian dragon wining

Jan 16, 2014, 5:24 PM |

First OTB Simulator game betwwen Rsava x Uphigh

We played with 60 + 30 time mode

I tried to play the hiperaccelerated dragon as I’ve already studied it a lot and had some success in the past (did not stick with it and went to thje Najdorf because I read that it is very drawish).

I played a piece up all the game but Rsava, in a big part of the game, did not permit me to fell confortable with it.Had some interesting tacticals based upon the 2 fianchettoed bishops and an open Center.Went to a rook and pawn ending with a rook up but lots of pawn islands to protect.

I did not like my managment in this part of the game and will study it with an engine later.