How to divide chess classes of players

Sep 12, 2013, 8:48 PM |

I think we should divide between the chess player, the amateur chess athlete (like the guys that train in weekends, soccer or basketball) and professional chess athlete (like the payed soccer players).My list would be:


<900 Learning the rules

900-1200 House (family) player: The one that wins against board game players in home play.

1200-1500 Chess player: The one that LIKES chess and has chess as a hobby.Plays friends that also like chess, at home, when possible.

1500-1800 Amateur chess athlete: The guy that really TRAINS and enroll in local chess clubs's tournments.If kid, uses to be the best one at his school.

1800-2000 Third division Chess athlete

2000-2200 Second division Chess athlete.If below 12, a chess prodigy

2200-2400 First division Chess Athlete.The first chass in which the majority are chess full time professionals.

2400-2600 World class Chess Athlete.The stars.

2600-2800 Chess legends: The athletes that are known even by another generations and that changed the way the game is played

2800+ The Chess Stars, the ones form Hall of Fame.A new 2800 + player could be a star but not (yet) a legend.