Sicilian Defence

Feb 24, 2013, 4:15 PM |

I was playing against one of my friends TOKYOISAWESOME99 ( username) and i played a variation of the sicilian defence. He had little idea what it was so I said why not make a blog about it. So the Sicilian Defence, regarded as one of the best counters to e4 goes simply like this:

It's a great way for black to make a grab for the center. The Sicilian Defence is actually a big factor into why many players don't play e4 anymore. I'm just going to show you some continuations of the Sicilian Defence. In a game you are usually going to see three variations:

Now the Dragon variation

And Finally, the Classical variation

Remember, I am not a complete expert on the sicilian defence but i am just sharing what i know. If you want a more in depth analysis of the sicilian defense, you can check or videos on youtube will help you