Sicilian Defence

I was playing against one of my friends TOKYOISAWESOME99 ( username) and i played a variation of the sicilian defence. He had little idea what it was so I said why not make a blog about it. So the Sicilian Defence, regarded as one of the best counters to e4 goes simply like this:

It's a great way for black to make a grab for the center. The Sicilian Defence is actually a big factor into why many players don't play e4 anymore. I'm just going to show you some continuations of the Sicilian Defence. In a game you are usually going to see three variations:

Now the Dragon variation

And Finally, the Classical variation

Remember, I am not a complete expert on the sicilian defence but i am just sharing what i know. If you want a more in depth analysis of the sicilian defense, you can check or videos on youtube will help you


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    Helps a lot ! Thanx Kiss

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    I see. its only useful if you know what you're doing or manage to take advantage of it

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    Ya I don't think I can edit it but I just wanted to show the finished fianchetto but ya I understand.

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    You should stop at the dragon at move 6. The Bb5 check is somehow obscure var and like PlayCehssWithASmile there a pawn fork instead of 10. 0-0. There are tons of open sicilian variations if you want to go a little deep on them you can roughly group them under the followin :

    d6 variations where you already shown 3 main ones: najdorf (a6), clasical, dragon and of course scheveningen playing with e6.

    e6 variations: Paulsen, 4 Knights and Taimanov

    Nc6 variations: Sveshnikov and Acelerated dragon.

    This are just the main lines and of course there are lots of other minor variations that black can play so... thats why white had to study a lot to play open sicilian... A LOT!

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    Dragon variation 10. e5 -- Wins a minor piece.


    I absolutely hate this Defence! I do know how to counter it, but very annoying to play against.

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