West Chicago Tournament Round 4 @ Board 1

This was Round 4 at the West Chicago Team Tournament at West Chicago Community High School. The player with white pieces was Emilio Bustamante and the player with black pieces was me, Zane Yosif. The date this game occured was 11/17/2012 and black won


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    Ok, first of all, Zane, what in the world were you doing in the opening? Why the heck did you let him get such a commanding position on you?? If he's dumb enough to push c5, you ATTACK HIM. You had this happen to you in an earlier game, I believe. You pushed c5, and you paid HEAVILY for it. You needed to GO AFTER HIM right away when he did that. It was a fatal error, and you let him walk away unharmed, and he put you in a stranglehold.

    I'm truly amazed by how many idiots you end up playing. Especially after you pushed a5, if he had pushed b5 in response, you'd have been SCREWED HARDCORE. But no, he chooses instead to be a COLLASSAL nimrod, and as a result, you get away with playing like crap. AGAIN.

    I have to hand it to you, though: you're getting very, VERY good at exploiting the stupidity of others. Each of these last few games that I've seen, you capitalized BIG TIME on your opponents' tendencies to be morons, and that's not easy to do. That being said, you SHOULD NOT BE in a position where you have to rely on THEM TO LOSE THE GAME FOR YOU.

    Your opponent played very well, up until he failed to respond to what should have amounted to be your last attempt at making anything out of this game. With that failure, he seemed to regress to playing like a 5th board, instead of a 1st board. Some people just don't know how to finish up chess games that they've already won, and it seems to me like you're facing damn near every single one of those people.

    Like I've been saying; SHAPE UP. You can't rely on your luck to save you forever, and you can't keep playing this poorly for a significant portion of the game, and then expecting to be able to dig yourself out of the holes you've dug. Eventually, and I imagine sooner, rather than later, this string of luck will come CRASHING down around you, and you'll start playing opponents who will damn near literally CURB STOMP you if you don't play close to their level from move 1. This kind of garbage wouldn't fly in a game against me, nor will it fly against any sort of high-quality chess player.

    Work on your fundamentals, since you're failing pretty badly at them right now. You've got the tactical aspects down pat, and you can play from behind almost as well as I can (which is really saying something: you know how much I love playing from behind, especially when I have knights to back me up), but there's one key difference. I love playing from behind, because I can use my tactical and endgame skills to even the game, and then win it, without any sort of significant blunder from my opponent, and often without any sort of blunder at all. You're relying on them to screw up BADLY right now. Fix that.

    You need to be able to play from behind if you find yourself in that position, but you shouldn't be playing so badly that you PUT yourself there in the first place. I refuse to believe all these people are simply outplaying you, because the rest of their performances show them to be REALLY CRAPPY chess players. You are NOT a really crappy chess player. You're a borderline good player who keeps playing like a first grader for sizeable chunks of his games. That has to stop.

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    Nice checkmate, kinda confused why white didn't take the knight...

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