45 45 (4)

Apr 26, 2015, 10:47 PM |

This time a really long game of more than 3 hours. I was happy that I didn't make any serious mistakes at the end.

For my preparations I looked at the slow time control chessgames from my opponent, but also a bit at the statistics (scored good or bad in certain openings).

In those chess games I noticed the following about my opponent :

  • Didn't shy away from very sharp positions.
  • Played quite a variety of opening lines and positions.
  • Came up with some nice tactics every now and then.
  • Had a tendency to blunder in some games, blunders which were slightly surprising in those slow time control games.
  • Experienced. Played a few thousand slow time control games in a few years time.
  • Overall playing very well.

Just before the 45 45 game started I had played a really nice chessgame which gave me some good vibes wings.

That was good because I was not feeling very well earlier on, and there was also quite some noise from outside where some people already started with the pre party activities for "King's Day" (Holland has a king now, no longer a queen. And that day is for lots of people big party time, with as main attraction "The free market" where all people, young and old, are allowed to sell things in the streets).

A bit difficult to concentrate and think ... chess.

Comments from other players during the game :


Stockfish analysis :