A draw is good for both players

Aug 25, 2016, 5:59 PM |

A draw can be beautiful!

That is what we can learn from endgame studies, but also in some regular chess games.

Here is an amazing endgame study as puzzle :

Another one :
From a correspondence chess game in a team match that I played :
I made a mistake and my position seemed hopeless, or at least winning seemed impossible. After some time I found a draw idea, inspired by an endgame book I looked at a few months ago.
Some weblinks to finish with :
The draw idea from a book mentioned in an earlier blog post -
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A list of chess endgame study composers -
My team match game -

A knowledge of the endgame is the magic key to the secrets of chess mastery…

Delving into the secrets of the endgame reveals an amazing world of chess harmony.

–Vassily Smyslov


"A draw is good for both players" is a quote by GM Ulf Andersson, the rock solid Swedish GM, who is a tough nut to crack on the chessboard.