A little tribute to Nimzovich style Nh8!!

A little tribute to Nimzovich style Nh8!!

Jan 21, 2015, 4:42 AM |

Know your classics ! Laughing

Do you know the amazing move knight to h8 from Bobby Fischer ?

I thought it was Nimzovich who had played Nh8 as well, but I found three games with it where it was not as convincing as in the blitz (!) game Korchnoi - Fischer 1970.

Today I played a game myself which made me think about the chess geniuses Nimzovich and Fischer.

Here's first the Korchnoi - Fischer blitz game with notes from Bobby Fischer :

And here's my own game with Nh8!

And here are 22 blitz games from that blitz tourney won by Fischer :