Amsterdam Spa Open tourney 2016 report

Jul 24, 2016, 6:57 PM |

In the beginning of July there was a 9 round open tourney in Amsterdam. The 6th edition of this open tourney featured one GM with a rating over 2600, and several other GMs, IMs, FMs,CMs.

The top seed GM Alekseev won quite convincingly with 8 out of 9, but also a few players without title got pretty far, with some surprising results.

One of those players without a title scored a IM norm : the 15 year old Lucas van Foreest, brother of the young GM Jorden van Foreest.

Here's a quick game from Lucas with the black pieces :

Here's a pretty finish by Lucas against a GM :

Another nice finish by Lucas :

The opponent of Lucas in this last game, Rob Bodicker, was another player without title who was doing quite well.

A neat win by Rob Bodicker against an IM :

I'd like to finish this report with a Greek gift game from group D, the group with the lowest rated players.

The Greek gift sacrifice was not winning in this game according to Stockfish but the young black player failed to find a few difficult to find defensive moves.

I'll give the game just for entertainment reasons, because I thought it was nice to look at :

The same game with Stockfish analysis :

Final standings of the top 25 in group A :


Tourney website :