An endgame tactic in the end

Oct 18, 2015, 12:05 AM |

On another chess server there was a discussion about when to sac a bishop against 2 or 3 pawns. That's a difficult topic, because it all depends on the position.

  • How far are the pawns advanced ?
  • Are the pawns strong or weak ?
  • Are there passed pawns ?
  • Or even better : are there connected passed pawns ?
  • Or also nice : Is there a protected passed pawn ?
  • Can you simplify into an ending ?
  • Is there an exposed king or weak back rank ?
  • Has the player with the piece "up" good activity for the pieces ?

I just played a chess game in which there's was an ending, and there were far advanced pawns, and then it was time to sac a piece for a won ending.

A few days ago I came across the game Euwe-Averbach 1953.

Looks a little bit similar in the sense that there's a piece sac in an endgame to make far advanced pawns into connected passed pawns, and win :


The mentioned Euwe-Averbach game with comments :