Some tourney games thoughts sharing

Dec 7, 2015, 4:30 PM |

Sharing my thoughts of these tourneys game with the rest of the world.

What happened today was that I was not feeling great, did some practical things outside of the house, came back, and started playing in a tourney, and I was feeling good, and the games were going pretty well, with one game finishing in nice tactical attacking style. Then I entered another tourney, at the moment I was feeling not that great anymore, but with some luck that tourney also went pretty okay.

I think it was someone like Emanuel Lasker who once said something like this : "When we have a good chess position, all the small annoyances do not bother us. But if our chess position is bad, then suddenly all the small annoyances do bother us, a lot !"

That is also happening for me.

If my day is going well, and I feel great, then the chess usually goes pretty nicely. But when I am not feeling so good, the small annoyances become more visible, and I get more easily distracted, and cannot concentrate that well, and the chance that blunders happen, does increase.

Here's the tourney games. First a 5 0 tourney, and then a 10 0 tourney.








From the 10 0 tourney :


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