Being your own chesscoach - a break through

Being your own chesscoach - a break through

Dec 24, 2014, 3:25 PM |

Years ago I knew a few young talented chess players. With one of them I was friends. We would analyze games together, play blitz and talk about chess. I noticed that all of these young players got professional chess training. Years later one of them became IM, another GM, and some didn’t manage to get a title but they all went over 2200 rating.

So … what do you do when you are old, not talented, have not many dime to spend, and get no professional chess training ?

You read articles and watch videos, analyze your own chess games, and look at your own chess behavior, and sometimes there’s a break through. Following the grandmaster (Fischer, Akobian) advice : “Found a good move ? Find a better one !”

Here’s the discovery of a better move.


So, what did I learn from this game ?

I learned already before that for tactical possibilities in a position you can develop a tactic 7th sense, but also for positions where there might be a better, sometimes, quiet move.

When you can sense that a position is “critical”, then you know that you can and should spend more time on it.

… I am happy today :)

p.s. I had to think about the game Donner – Velimirovic from the book “The King” from Donner.

After some searching I found it here. Have a look if you don’t know it yet. Funny and interesting.