But ... did you play any fun chess games this week actually ?

But ... did you play any fun chess games this week actually ?

May 8, 2016, 3:54 PM |

Chess should be fun, even when things get very serious.

Many many years ago I played at the big chessclub SC Utrecht in Holland.

It was interesting because there were a lot of chess club members, and lots of players who were stronger than me, which I could learn a few things from. However, the players from the 1st team were playing in the highest league (although jumping in and out of that league), and the serious atmosphere from that 1st team was a bit too much for me, whenever I would watch their games.

Looking back at that history, ... the 1st team reports from the new Dutch national champion chessclub En Passant, with the great creative chess player Manuel Bosboom are always fun to read. For example here, in dutch language, by Richard Vedder, with nice photos :


Quite often when I look at chess forum posts, or questions from my chess students, there is the strong urge to improve, and sometimes things get very serious, all about results and rating points.

However, I believe that chess should be fun and joyful.

Even at the highest levels there should be room for jokes, and of course also some fun "fire on the board" chess games ! :)

I'll share some "fun" games that I played this week, annotating them for fun, and hopefully useful and entertaining for some of the readers (... hi mum ! :-) )



Let's start with a very hectic, fire on the board, schwindle game.

I went too far in my winning attempts in this game, but then my opponent made a few mistakes in a razor sharp position :




And a nice loss :

And a fun loss, with lots of mistakes, but razor sharp moments :

This fun chess blog creation time : almost 2 hours.