Chaos Chess - Episode I

Dec 13, 2015, 10:50 PM |

Apparently GM Viktor Korchnoi once said : "Everything that is old and forgotten ... is new !".

The introduction chess anecdote I have told before in another posting, but I'm using it again here. Why not ? Smile

Years ago IM Gert Ligterink wrote in his chess column in the newspaper De Volkskrant something like this : "The amount of draws in GM tournaments is getting out of hand. Someone made the suggestion that tourney organizers should invite also some weak but fierce attacking players to entertain the audience !".

When I read that I was very happy.

So, let me show you some Chaos Chess. Wild chess games with errors, but with exciting chess.

First here a tactic puzzle from a game I played today :

So ... where does one learn such tactics ?

I would tempted to say : From the games from Mikhail Tal.

Which is true, but there is one chess games which comes to mind right away.

Try this one :

Here's some chaos chess games. I am sure most have some mistakes, but it includes great fun ! Smile
You might notice that every now and then I don't care about castling, and about losing material, just to reach the highest chess goal : checkmate.
Hopefully this will inspire some of you to improve your chess joy !