Counting in the heat of the moment

Apr 11, 2016, 9:57 PM |

Today I played lots of fun games, and also a game which I found very exciting and joyful to play. The game featured a somewhat unusual kingside attack.The heat of the moment was when I had to decide whether to temporarily sacrifice my queen or not. That was a matter of counting, and that was also the moment that my calculations went blurry. It can happen that there are too many options, too many side lines, and sometimes one "has" to calculate for a while to see whether a line is a win or ... not at all.

I'll give that moment as a puzzle, so that you can try it yourself.

What to play here as white, to play for a win (two answer might be good actually Smile See below as well) :

Here's the full game with annotations :

Here's also the Stockfish analysis (4 sec. per move) :