Dark square control

Dark square control

Apr 27, 2016, 1:34 PM |

Hi chess friends ! :-)

I want to share with you two dark square control games that I played today.

The first one is a Benoni style opening, with the uncommon Ra8-a7 idea. I have played this several times in the past. I think that Mikhail Tal also played it in one of his games.

Another idea was to play h7h5 in this game. Years ago I believe I saw a game by former top GM Lajos Portisch, who played h7h5 in a similar position (I tried to find that game, but didn't find it).

That was long long before almost everyone started to play Sicilian Dragon with the auto-pilot move h7h5 ! :)

The second game showed dark square control, after white started quickly pushing pawns in front of their king, and making a mistake there.

Like I mentioned, I knew these ideas already from the past, but I got "extra inspired" about dark square control by the recent game Harikrishna-Chao Li of this week, which gave black a good game, even though white eventually won :