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Engine envy

Engine envy

Dec 21, 2015, 2:26 AM 0

Does it also happen to you ? Spending a few hours on an otb chess game, playing a marvelous game it looks like, winning in great style. Then come home and check it with an engine, and end up being frustrated about all the mistakes that were made ? Cry

Or ... the other way around. You play a seemingly mediocre game, to find out later with a chess engine that you just played for the brilliancy prize ! Smile

Here's 2 examples of games I just played.

First a game in which I decided for an unusual move, which looked a bit time-waste to me, followed by a pawn sac, trying to get some active play. I was not too happy about this game.

Stockfish chess engine however, finds just 1 inaccuracy !!! Surprised


And here a game of which I thought I played the end quite nicely.

But looking with Stockfish chess engine I found out that I threw away the advantage and missed an insane tactical follow-up.

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