Improve your chess : go positional !

Improve your chess : go positional !

Aug 15, 2015, 1:14 PM |

A question from one of my chess students was basically : My blitz results are decreasing, what are less attacking openings to play to get better results ?

That is not an easy question to answer, as I believe that all chess players have their openings and positions that they feel comfortable or uncomfortable with.

Some masters have the unusual approach to ignore and avoid the things they are bad at. Most others want to work on positions and openings that they are bad at, and also improve what they are already good at.

In the end the student, imho, should find out what positions and openings one is feeling comfortable with, but also work on becoming a more all-round player by working on the weak sides.

As an attacking player myself I have studied chess intensively years ago, and played thousands of chess games, with lots of various opening lines.

The advise I'd like to give at the moment is to work on your positional play. As attacking player work on the patience of positional chess, like the famous Petrosian, Karpov. Learn the prophylaxis, blockading, ueberdecking from Nimzovich, and apply it in your chess.

Also, learn systems, not just opening lines.

For example, the KIA is very useful to be able to play in tournaments. Against stronger players you can play for at least a draw.

Here's some quick examples of my own games :



How to learn and improve your positional chess ?

I did it by going through thousands of annotated master games years ago, and as well as playing lots of chess myself.

Try it. Study annotated chess games, get a feel for strong squares and positional chess, and after a few months of studying and playing you might have become a more all-round chess player with at least a 100 rating points more.

HTH, good luck, enjoy ! Laughing


For the attacking players playing King's Gambit.

Look at the games of the chess legend David Bronstein.

He played some positional King's Gambit games.

And the young J.R. Capablanca played some KG games as well, with surprising positional queen sacrifices ! Check it out.