Improving your opening play

Apr 19, 2015, 10:31 AM |

Can an amateur chess player contribute to opening knowledge worldwide ?

Of course that is possible ! Smile

(Technically former chess world champion Max Euwe was an amateur chess player, since he was a teacher at school, playing chess in his spare time, but also much lower rated players can contribute.)

Here's some examples from my own experience :

To give you an idea about the statistics with this variation :

A more obvious and nicer example is from a game I played today.

A few years ago I saw several players playing 1.c4 d5, and going for a Scandinavian defense alike setup for black.

I have played Scandinavian defense for years in otb and online chess with black (also with white) so I have a bit of a feel what is possible.

I believe that following a Scandinavian setup after 1.c4 d5 in combination with Qxd5 is somewhat worse than after 1.e4 d5 for black.

Let's have a look :

More difficult is this one :

Here's some more examples with 1.c4 d5 :