Joy and sorrow

Aug 31, 2015, 4:04 PM |

No 5 0 or 3 0 this time, but some 10 0 games that I played today.

I wanted to play some slower time control games for a change, as training.

First one went pretty okay. I was very pleased about the non materialistic finish.

Then a very bad game, which caused some hair pulling and sorrow.

Should I build myself a little confession booth ? Smile

Next game was an amazing knight dance game.

I was still a bit upset and absent minded, and thought I blundered a pawn, but after some thinking I found a beautiful looking knight dance in a 3 knights performance, ending in a pretty checkmate with 2 knights and 1 pawn.

This game was played pretty okay by my opponent, except for going on an adventure with the queen which ended in a trapped piece scenario.