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May 29, 2015, 11:52 AM |

Today I read about a new tactics training website [1] from chessbase, and I decided to try it right away.

At first sight it looks nice. A pleasant chessboard and ready to solve the first puzzle, whether registered/joined or not.

Having tried it for some time (more than 100 puzzles) I must say that I'm not too keen about it. Let's say that it leaves quite some room for improvement.

For example :

  • There's no public comments option (Which TT and do have, and to some extend).
  • There's no way to scroll back through the moves after solving it, to be easily able to share the puzzle with others (No scrolling back, no FEN export, no tactic puzzle number clearly visible, or a separate weblink for the specific available).
  • Hints are often unclear or confusing. (6 highlighted pawns ? hmmm)
  • Often there's only 1 move in the solution, not showing any side line variations, even when one would expect that very much.
  • There's a tactics rating, and ranking stats, but a bit limited.
  • Some of the puzzles are weird or silly (yes, really).

A few of the good things :

  • Nice big chessboard.
  • The option to lose and win points within one puzzle, per move.
  • Send feedback to chessbase button

My conclusion is that is still the number 1 tactics training website (with TT as nr.2) and Chessbase has still some work to do to improve their tactics training website.

Here's a few puzzles to share.

I'll start with a weird one :

And a quite nice one here.
I kept looking at Qa5 for some time, with the idea Nxc7, but b7b6 is annoying and even b7xc6 might be possible.
Finally I saw the winning moves.


And another nice one :

And one which looks nice, but is not so very convincing in all variations :

[1] In dutch language :

In english :

 TT :

ChessTempo :

IdeaChess :

ChessCademy :

Emrald :

Lichess :