Number chrunching - 2300

Number chrunching - 2300

Apr 16, 2016, 12:36 AM |

In February I almost reached 2300 blitz rating on another chess server [1]. This week I made myself a little paper with "2300" written on it, and put it near my computer. I know that rating is just a number, and it can fluctuate a lot. Chess games results can depend on how good or bad you feel, on the opening variations, whether you get the positions that you like or don't like, a winning or losing streak, whether there's noise from neighbors or housemates, phonecalls or text messages in between, running out of tea and chocolate etcetera.

However, since I almost went over 2300 in February I thought it could be fun to try again. In the last few days it didn't go very well, my blitz rating even dropped down under 2100. But today I felt very good, and joined a "marathon" blitz tourney. And despite a handful of losses, things went very well, and with a win over a GM (!), I jumped over 2300 blitz rating ! Yihoooo !

I'll share some of the games here, just for fun, and hopefully to entertain and maybe inspire some of you.

If my posts can only inspire one chess player to play creative and fun chess (instead of playing bullet chess tricks and winning on time etc.) then I am more than happy. And I am happy myself right now as well Laughing

Fast forward to the chess games :








Epilogue :

In the last few days I was reading a bit more in "Pump up your rating" and I read that IM Axel Smith despises playing blitz for the serious tourney player. And I came across a quote of my youth chess hero Bobby Fischer : "Blitz kills your ideas".

Nevertheless, I also remember the comment on a forum thread where former blitz world champion GM Maxim Dlugy wrote that he was positive about blitz and "learned chess through blitz".

And I must say, that the hundreds of otb blitz games that I played years ago, especially the informal ones at home or at the chess club, where one can talk a bit about the chess games (and about life and flowers and friends and nice things) has learned me a lot more about chess positions.

Thank you for that : Tom, Jan-Bart, Jan and others !


 [1] I think that is cool for things like groups, forums, chess news, vote chess, and correspondence chess, but the "live chess" is sluggish on my old computer (in v2 and v3), and I also dislike the imho somewhat confusing waiting-animation in between games. That is why I prefer to play blitz on another chess server.

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