Opening preparation - Alekhine defense, Larsen variation

Apr 11, 2016, 8:58 AM |

Imagine that you are playing the great chess genius Mikhail Tal, and he thinks 50 (!) minutes about sacrificing a piece at move 6, and he does not sac !!

Can you imagine that ? It actually happened ... in Tal-Larsen, 1965.

In a blitz game against Fischer, in the same line, where Fischer did sac at move 6, Larsen lost quickly though :

In one of my own games this week, I forgot an important "theme" in this sac variation, and lost in the resulting "mess".

Conclusion :

The 6.Nxf7 knight sac in this line can lead to an exciting game, and gives white at least a draw with perpetual check.

That is a good thing to know if you play against higher rated players that you don't mind drawing to, or ... if you play in a tourney and you really need half a point (To win a holiday to Bahama islands, or your last Master result etc.).

Enjoy your sac-ing chess ! Laughing

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