Opening preparation - Scandinavian defense 3.c4 part 2

Apr 4, 2016, 4:23 PM |

In part 1 we looked at 4.Qe2?! in the 3.c2c4 line. In part 2 I would like to look at 4.Ng1-e2.

Please note that in opening databases you will see very few games with this line, and furthermore even less games with 4...Qe4+

Why is 4...Qe4+ a good move ? It makes another move with the queen, but it keeps an eye on g2 and c4. We will see that this is important in all the three available lines.

If you would consider the 4...Qe4+ line too risky, then 4...Qd6 and 4...Qa5 are options which have been played before with fairly good success.

You will probably also find that white does not score very well in this 3.c2c4 line.

For the record, since January 2015 I had 18 games as black with 3.c2c4 and though maybe I was a bit lucky in a few games, I did score very well, winning all games with black.

However, the 3.c2c4 line is quite interesting for white, if you are a gambit and attacking player.

Let's look at the Ng1-e2 line main line :



Conclusion : 4.Ng1-e2 is quite interesting, and white might get some good attacking chances as compensation for the sacrificed c4 pawn.

Maybe more interesting however is 4.Bf1-e2 which we will look at in part 3.