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Opening preparation - Scandinavian gambit, Blackburne/Kloosterboer

Opening preparation - Scandinavian gambit, Blackburne/Kloosterboer

Apr 27, 2016, 2:45 PM 2

Every now and then I like to play a Scandinavian gambit. There's actually various Scandi gambits. GM David Smerdon just has a brand new book out about the Scandinavian defense, Portuegese gambit (I saw it in a bookshop.It is quite massive! And tempting to add to my little chess book collection as well).

In this posting I would like to show you an easier gambit to play, for which you don't have to study a lot of opening lines : The Blackburne/Kloosterboer gambit.

Black plays c7c6, inviting white to take the gambit pawn on c6.

Some players even offer the pawn on b7 as well.

Sometimes the opening can transpose to a Caro-Kann Panov line, or even get Gruenfeld Indian elements.


Here a game where my opponent played the gambit as well :

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