Opening preparation - The Barry Attack

Jun 15, 2016, 5:25 AM |

Some time ago I got a request to write about the Barry Attack, an off-beat line after 1.d4 played with great success by GM Mark Hebden.

I looked up a thing or two on the Barry Attack, since I don't play it myself (Perhaps I should try it, and write part 2 of this posting), and after some searching I found an article with a refreshing approach for black, where GM Hebden loses to an IM who plays a novelty, going for active counter play.

Read more about this game here :

Conclusion :

At amateur level the Barry Attack can be a dangerous attacking line for white. Black needs to know what is going in there.

Personally I don't really like to put a knight on c3 blocking the c2 pawn in these kind of d4 positions, because c7c5 is sometimes quite annoying, ... though on the other hand I do play the Veresov with white (1.d4 2.Nc3 and then Bg5 or Bf4 (Jobava style) ) myself every now and then.

I guess I should try it myself in a few hundred blitz games to get an idea about the pros and cons of this line. Laughing


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