Opening preparation - The Sicilian Grivas

Opening preparation - The Sicilian Grivas

Mar 3, 2016, 7:16 PM |

The Sicilian Grivas is an opening line in the Sicilian Defense named after the Greek grandmaster Efstratios Grivas.

This week I decided to test another opening line that I played many years ago : The Sicilian Grivas. The main idea of this opening line is to try to force the white knight on d4 to b3, where it is not always so well placed. Besides the quick pressure on d4, there's also some pressure on b2.

Testing this opening line in blitz also made clear that several players are simply not prepared for all kind of off-beat openings, and seem to want to just play their default auto-pilot moves, without thinking.

So far I played 10 games with this line with black, won 9 and lost 1 game in which I started to experiment with an unusual idea and went too far.

Let's start with a few miniatures and semi-miniatures :



And here the experimental loss, in which I combined a few ideas, and was too optimistic. The opponent finished the game nicely.

For further reading :

(Mount Etna at the island of Sicilia. Photo from Wikipedia)