Tactics puzzle solving gone wrong

Tactics puzzle solving gone wrong

Jan 7, 2015, 12:24 PM |

Looking at this tactic puzzle I got too excited in solving it and overlooked material at the other side of the board.

First I'll give you the fun chance to try to solve it yourself :

Spoiler alert for way-too-quick readers : Solution of the puzzle is visible below.

Now about what and where did I go too fast.
Looking at the puzzle within some 5 seconds, I thought I had found the solution, and got excited and executed the moves.
This area of the board was what basically was in my mind :
As you can see I basically saw that the black king was trapped because of the strong white bishop on d6 and because of the black pieces around the black king.
I saw the white queen x-ray looking to square b8 (a potential checkmate) and the white rook was ready to be sac-ed.
I did this :
Here's the correct solution :