Testing Caro-Kann gambits

Feb 24, 2016, 9:05 PM |

Since a few weeks I'm playing something new with white against Caro-Kann. In my opening statistics I noticed that I lost most games against Caro-Kann with white. But not anymore now ! Smile

With the 2.b2b3 line for white (Euwe attack, or Reti or Vinken gambit (?)) I scored almost 90% in 38 games so far.

Here's a few fresh games, where white sacrificed a pawn or two for quick piece development, and open files :





And not a gambit game, but with a similar line.

A must see game between a very young Max Euwe, and an experimenting Richard Reti :


Max Euwe vs Richard Reti (1920) "Mad Max" - Chessgames.com

Instructional Remedies Vs. Caro-Kann - Chessgames.com