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The doubled pawn fortress

The doubled pawn fortress

Apr 20, 2016, 3:32 AM 1

Looking at some games in the one but highest Dutch chess league, I noticed a peculiar game. White went for the early queen swap, and then later on giving black a doubled e pawn, and, no big surprise here, black won rather quickly.

I have written before about the "special" doubled e pawns from a game from IM Hartoch, that I saw more than 20 years ago, see here :Happy doubled pawns

So ... don't blindly follow rules of thumb, and give your opponent doubled e pawns, as you much lose the game sooner than you expected! Smile

For further reading :

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https://www.schaakbond.nl/wedstrijdschaak/knsb-competitie/2015-2016/opstellingen/klasse1b (Dutch chess league 1B player and team names and ratings)

https://www.chesskid.com/article/view/ask-coach-jessica-what-to-do-about-weak-pawns (ChessKid about doubled pawns)


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