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The power of the attacking bishop

The power of the attacking bishop

Jan 19, 2015, 7:08 AM 0
Beginning chess players not only often try to exchange a lot of pieces, but also have not yet learned about the power of the attacking bishop (and the power of the bishop pair).
The attacking bishop for white is the light coloured bishop on square f1. For black it is the bishop on f8.
The reason that those bishops are the attacking bishop is because white has in the beginning position two weak points, f2 and h2, both on the dark squares, therefore the black bishop from f8 is perfect for attacking those two squares. The same for white's bishop from f1 being able to attack the two weak squares on f7 and h7.
Here's a game example of a game I just played where the light coloured bishop from white seems to be the strongest piece on the board at one point.

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