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The search for chess joy !

The search for chess joy !

Mar 10, 2016, 10:16 AM 2

When one loses many games, or feels stuck in studying, playing but seemingly not improving, or when there is no inspiration, or too many grumpy opponents sac-ing their very last piece to checkmate your king with their last pawn, or when you start to think about studying checkers, or when that long cold winter is still not finished even though the yellow and purple flowers are already out there ... then maybe it is time to find back those chess - joy moments.

What do I mean with chess joy here ?

I mean the moment that you can happily listen to a chess anecdote, or read fun chess stories (say, Donner-Velimirovic from the book The King, about the little a pawn), solving tactical puzzles, or play otb 1 minute chess for fun and adrenaline and dopamine, staring at some endgame study and not finding the solution but still be amazed when you get to see the solution, ... or playing some breath taking chess game full of tactics.

That last thing just happened for me. Here's the game to share.

And here also the Stockfish chess engine analysis, showing mistakes and blunders :

photo : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Colours_of_Happiness_3.jpg

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