Transform the dogmatic thinking into sensible thinking !

Feb 13, 2015, 8:17 AM |

A game which impressed me a lot in my chess beginner time as teenager was Geller-Euwe, 1953.

It was an excellent example how to counter attack.

Since I saw that game I started to experiment with sharp counter attack versus attack.

Years ago I became blitz champion at my chessclub, winning in the final by letting my opponent capture with check on h2 !

That h2 pawn was not important and distracted the black pieces so that I could win through the center and then ... the black kingside.

My opponent kept shaking his head later that night. He could not believe what had happened.

But ... both the rules of thumb in chess, as well as the routine and dogmatic ideas don't always work in favor of those applying them.

Sometimes creative "new" ideas will be better.

Here's an example where my opponent clearly gives way too much value to the invasion of the queen on h7.

I can imagine that this chess player already had won several games with this, and didn't get good defensive moves against it.

The trick, in positions like in the game below, is to know when the invasion is good and when it is not fruitful.

The moment white can :

  • manage to open the e file


  • get control over square f8, for example with a white bishop on b4 or a white knight on d7

then things might get troublesome for black.

In this case, the game below, it was all harmless.