Use that double pawn, Luke !

Use that double pawn, Luke !

Feb 28, 2016, 12:02 PM |

A while ago a chess friend told me : "Should you not take some more care about your pawn structure ?" after I again had a game with one or more doubled pawns.

Well, double pawns do have certain advantages, besides the disadvantages. Time after time however I see certain, say 1500 rated chess player very persistent in avoiding doubled pawns, or give up castling. It sometimes seems that they would give up a knight to avoid doubled pawns.

With very very great joy and open mouth I looked this month at a game Anand - Aronian, where the super GM and former world champion Anand played just like I do, and got not 1 but 2 doubled pawns, and won in great style in a miniature !!!

Wooooow, great game Vishy !! Laughing


Now let's look at some similar but (cough..) more mediocre and non GM games of myself where I also used those doubled pawns.

Now let's look at some example about pros and cons of doubled pawns.

Strong points :

1) Semi open file usage :

2) Square control :

Weaknesses of doubled pawns :

1) A piece, for example knight can, in some cases, use the square in front of the doubled pawns as a strong square

2) In the endgame doubled pawns can be a big weakness.


Anand vs Aronian