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    • Basic Endgames - Knight #1

      Hi chess friends!  This is the first video about a new video series, I named it "Basic endgames". In this series you will see all the endgame positions that you must know! In this first video , I focused my attention about the knights. What d... | Read More

    • Notable Game #1 - Moiseenko vs Lu

      Hi chess friends!  This is the first video about a new video series, I named it "notable games". I selected very interesting games and I made a short comment about it. What do you think about it? Some tips?      Do you like the video?... | Read More

    • Chess Openings - Dutch Defence, Hopton Attack

      Hi everyone :) I made a new video series about openings, for my youtube channel, this time I focused my attention about the Dutch Defence- Hopton Attack, it's a nice way to play against the Dutch                   In this serie... | Read More

    • Training Games!

      Hi chess friends :) my name is Alessandro Santagati and my rating is 2262  I'm very interested to play training games (15'+10'', 30+30'' and 45+30'') in this period (20 January-10 February). So if someone is interested can contact me I seek p... | Read More

    • Goring Gambit lesson 7 [1.e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3.Nf3 Nc6 4. c3 d5]

      Hi at all! It's available now the video 7 about the goring gambit, it talks about the "d5 variation". Here the video! If you like it please "click I like" and "share". Thanks!   Did you lose the other videos about the Goring? Go here to see... | Read More

    • Game Annotated: Wollenweber-Santagati - Sicilian Defence

      Hi :) I share my game annotated against the CM Wollenweber that I played in the Lazio International Tournament. Are you italian? | Read More

    • Qatar Masters Open: Carlsen vs Yu

      Hi! Magnus Carlsen won the Qatar Masters Open 2015, winning the tie-break against the chinise grandmaster Yu. It's the first game in which Carlsen made a very nice attack :D Here my comment about the game Are you italian? | Read More

    • Padova Int. Aghayev-Santagati

      Hi chess friends!  I share with you my last game against the FM Miragha Aghayev played in the international tournament of Padova! :D | Read More

    • French Defence Advanced Variation, annotated game #9

      Hi everyone, I'm happy to share a video about the "annotated games series"   Do you like the video? follow my channel! :D | Read More

    • 6th Place- Etna Chess Festival

      Hi everyone, I recently played the Etna Chess Festival, and at the end I did a good performance (2290 fide) and I took 7 points, now my rating is 2269. I... | Read More