Desperate Weapon

In chess we must to be carefull in each situation, also when the game is almost won or nearly lost. The danger is always around the corner.

I'm agree with Aagard when he says , in his books ,  that we must play like humans and don't like machines.   The man can't be perfect.

I played a game in Chesslogger's online tournament in which I had lost immediatly some pieces and I was about to resign.


At move 19 I thought that my last chance for win this game was winning the queen and for this reason I played Qa5, I hoped Bc3.


My opponent doesn't see Qxa5 but plays c3 , and I arrive in this position.
I use the same idea of first.

It's clear that can't always be successful this strategy, but the black had nothing to lose!

I think that desperate positions require desperate choices !




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    Very interesting and helpfull games!

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    @chessContact I like your nice comment :)

    @NM alexsuper1987 I agree with your point of view. Never give up before it's clear that we are lose, at least try something before we are sure that our opponent know what they are doing.

    I win some on lose position, and lose some on win position. All because of a single mistake !

    Here is one of my recent play that i win on lose posisition, it's an online game.


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    Chess is a game of WAR who gives a !@#$#@! if your opponant is offended.

    If anything your opponant should be offended that you are trying to kill his king :P

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    Very good article

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    It is a nice weapon in bullet-blitz. 

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    That was horrible play especially at the end. I would be embarrassed to post a game like this.

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    I have had these tricks works for and against me a lot in blitz. When low on time and your opponent checks you. Your first thought is to block or move out of it. Not to see if a peice is hanging. Great example of this! I love seeing the come back wins.

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    This is horrible. I'm shocked because I found it on the homepage of It's ok if you make a post like this on your blog but this quiality doesn't belong to the first page.

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    Is it possible to switch to the normal 2D view?

    Finding it hard to see the board in 3D View

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    FM alexsuper1987

    Dear stephen,

    you can talk about what do you want in your blog.I talk about chess then if you don't appreciate my posts, you can read other.

    I answered you only to advise you to improve your way of thinking in life, maybe this will can help you to improve your chess.

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    if you see the board from this perspective, it is normal... :)

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    i dont think black saw the white queen and got away with a mistake, both players not seeing the board

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    Alexsuper said: "In chess we must to be carefull in each situation, also when the game is almost won or nearly lost. The danger is always around the corner."

    Absolutely right.

    All life is struggle. Danger is always around the corner. It's a tough game where every move can be the last.

    “What is struggle and victory? Do they obey laws that reason can comprehend and formulate? What are these laws? That is the problem!” — Dr. Emanuel Lasker, The Struggle, 1907

    When we find ourselves in a precarious situation, confronted with a superior enemy, our survival instincts begin to look for ways out. In the world around us we always act to preserve life in ways conducive to survival.

    Whether the game is almost won or nearly lost, we need to frustrate the opposing side in the conflict by all possible means. We need to fight against their plans and intentions till the end - theirs or ours.

    And the main principle of strategy, devised by Sun Tzu c.500 BC, should be applied at all times: Put the brake on them. Fight their plans. Fight their strategy...

    Devising the plan for a still another battle coming up...chess art by Samuel Bak


    read more about universal law of conflict and struggle

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    FM alexsuper1987

    Yes, this strategy can to be used only in blitz game or in particular situations.
    In a long tournament usually if I lose two pieces I resign first.

    However it isn't offensive , because everyone should think about his game and not at the reaction of your opponent.

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    I don't think that's a very good strategy, it may actually offend your opponents because they might think that you underestimate them too much.

    Although a decent idea in blitz games, I suppose even then it can only be used in extreme desperation.

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    I agree in a way with your justification, but would you have done the same thing against a higher rated player, or would you have resigned? Is it worth the risk of offending a strong player to assume he'll blunder, especially when playing over-the-board? I'm only curious as to your thoughts on these things, and I don't mean to label you as disrespectful. At least you taught your opponent how important it is to maintain awareness when the game is "won" for him.

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    FM alexsuper1987

    I respect your opinion, but the moves have to adapt to the position.
    It's very important to play games lost.

    I did not mean for certain that they were right moves, but which are justified by the position.

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