Free Master Simul with live commentary! Today! Join now!

Free Master Simul with live commentary! Today! Join now!

FM alexsuper1987
Aug 23, 2015, 1:55 AM |

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to invite you at my simul today(23 August), all can play (if you are new to chess, if you are expert, no problem! we play just for fun!) and it's completely free. I can play 30 games at the same time, so is important that if you want playwrite a comment below and add me as friend.

Time control 60 minutes +60 seconds for each move

The simul start at 9:15 pm 23 August 2015 [gmt+1 central europe]

[3:15 pm New York time] [12:15 pm Los Angeles time]

technical information


at the time of the simul, log on live , look in your friends and challange me (alexsuper1987) with 60 minutes and 60 seconds for each move, I must play with white and the game must be unrated.

Why play the simul ?

 To improve in chess is very important find stronger opponent and it could be a good opportunity. I will comment all the game live! I will load the video on my youtube channel. And all this is free, so don't wait anymore, join! :D


If you need more informations, send me message or comment in this post.

Join in my group to know other events.

Player List :

  1. mielilla61
  2. moobfaceII
  3. TheEnglishMuon
  4. salsan
  5. TheKidney
  6. Maurizio0109
  7. Athanael
  8. AlchemistJato
  9. BadAmatuer
  10. Luigi-P
  11. donkeyfish87
  12. dpietersz31
  13. Chicken_Monster
  14. FriendlyWolf
  15. Tobiashermansen
  16. b0untyy
  17. EamonMont
  18. Cavallo_Arabo
  19. Knightactic
  20. chemo14
  21. MysticShadows
  22. e4e5Qh5Qf6
  23. kirby509

See you!


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