Free Simul with live commentary! Saturday 16 April! Join now! Training Offer for U18 !

Free Simul with live commentary! Saturday 16 April! Join now! Training Offer for U18 !

FM alexsuper1987
Apr 13, 2016, 3:48 AM |

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to invite you at my first simul like Fide Master saturday 16 April, all can play (if you are new to chess, if you are expert, no problem! we play just for fun!) and it's completely free. I can play 20 games at the same time, so is important that if you want playwrite a comment below and add me as friend.

Time control 60 minutes +60 seconds for each move

The simul start at 6 pm 16 April 2016 [central europe time(Rome or Berlin)]


for more time zone click here

technical information

 10 minutes before that the simul will start, log on live , look in your friends and challange me (alexsuper1987) with 60 minutes and 60 seconds for each move, I must play with white and the game must be unrated.

you can follow this video to understand how challenge me

Are you italian? the same video in italian language

Why play the simul ?

 To improve in chess is very important find stronger opponent and it could be a good opportunity. I will comment all the game live! I will load the video on my youtube channel. And all this is free, so don't wait anymore, join! :D


If you need more informations, send me message or comment in this post.

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 Below the video about the last simul

 See you!

Players List

  1. Piquinya
  2. GCEDW2001
  3. CaitanoDemelo 
  4. turtlestan 
  5. aheikkin
  6. CoffeeTweaker
  7. sp1234
  8. Patzer8000
  9. TheJoker32
  10. Fahad21
  11. umesh_konduru
  12. Samad1
  13. Poryg
  14. PriyeshShetty
  15. Albs22
  16. mohit99m
  17. HeavyQuarter
  18. tsilihiN
  19. adumbrate
  20. ChrisJCashman

Below you can follow the live commentary about the event

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