FM Santagati - Group Lessons

FM Santagati - Group Lessons

FM alexsuper1987
Oct 4, 2016, 5:27 AM |

Hi guys!

I want to introduce my new training offer , available in english and italian (per avere informazioni sull'offerta clicca qui). I offer group lessons for each level, and each level will have his group:

1000-1199 (Group F) 

1200-1399 (Group E)

1400-1599 (Group D)

1600-1799  (Group C)

1800-1999 (Group B)

2000-2199 (Group A)

Each module is composed by 5 lessons, with the aim to improve in a particular part of the game (Opening,Middlegame[strategy,tactics],Endgame,Thinking Process,Calculation and more).

For each session I offer:

  1. Video Recording of the live lesson
  2. Pgn file of the lesson
  3. Homeworks to do during the week
  4. Support by email, if you have questions about the last lesson or about the homeworks
The lessons will be on saturday and sunday between 3 am - 8 pm (New York Time)
If you like to know the specific time for your course, please contact me
You need only skype and a account, if you need informations about the prices, please send me a message
Do you want to improve your chess? What are you waiting for? Contact me now to improve your game!