Is time to learn!

Is time to learn!

FM alexsuper1987
Apr 19, 2015, 8:47 AM |

Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to launch a special offer for lessons. I offer 20 lessons (1 hour each) for only 250$ instead of 380$

To apply this offer click here

This offer is available only for 15 days(from now).

Why apply this offer?

1) Titled Coach number 1, for sevices sold on

2) lessons completely personalized, I see all your games that you send me by email (or that you play on

3) I send homeworks related at your skill level

4) you can do the lessons when you want (1 or 2 for weeks, 1 for month, or how you prefer)

5) available to to answer every question via e-mail

6) very cheap price


Not sure?

Take a trial lesson for 10$ to see if you like my method/style

To apply a trial lesson click here


See more in my youtube channel

For each question, feel free to write me!