My report about Cappelle-La-Grande

My report about Cappelle-La-Grande

FM alexsuper1987
Mar 2, 2016, 9:08 AM |

Hi :)

Between 13-20 february 2016 I played the wonderful open of Cappelle La Grande, over 500 players played this tournament :).

My performance was very good 2383! And I didn't reach the title of fide master only for a point! In fact my rating now is 2299 :)

I played my best game in the last three rounds and I made a comment about them

IM Quintiliano - Santagati

Santagati - GM Cornette

Santagati - IM Delorme

I made a more detailed report in my personal site, if you like to see it click here :)

Feel free to comment :) I will be happy to answer!

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