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Santa Chess 2012

Santa Chess 2012

Mar 13, 2012, 2:30 AM 2,526 Reads 3 Comments

Santa Chess 2012 is a turn-based tournament ( 3 days for move ) with 96 players. The tournament start with 8 groups , only the first for group go at the final group.

I organize this tournament for celebrate my thirth anniversary on chess.com.

I hope that this tournament is a good opportunity for all chess players to improve their skills , my idea is to comment the better games in my chess.com blog.

Who will play against me can feel free to ask me anything on the game.

This is an invite tournament (92 players allowed), to have an invite,you send me a message and I will choose based on certain parameters.

The partecipation is free.
The tournament will start 6th May 2012 , I think that this tournament is a good opportunity for all those who love chess !

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