The draw proposal

Why should we propose a draw?

Often a player decides to offer a draw with his opponent  out of fear ( rarely because of fatigue ). To improve we must overcome the fear to loss. The difference between a good player and a strong player is that the second has clear ideas and does not think about the other during the game ! Thinking about the draw proposal can be devastating for our game. We risk wasting important mental resources! Every time in my tournament games when I thought " I will propose drawn between 4 moves", I lost!

To become a good player it is important to not think about the draw proposal. Usually only a strong player or an expert can know the time to offer the draw! I've seen many young talents lose against experts because they primarily think about offering a draw instead of thinking about how to play!
The game must be saw like a good opportunity to improve and not a chance to get points for our rating!


I want to thank Peter for the help, and I wait your opinions !


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    I agree with having a winning  state of mind. However, a few days ago I  accepted a draw offer from an opponent rated 400+ above me. He had two rooks, I had a queen, and equal pawns. Previously he beat me easily in a team match game. I was relieved when he offered a draw. Because it was an online game fatigue wasn't a factor but fear of not winning had some influence on my relief... Whether it was my lack of self confidence or my being realistic is my question to myself.Smile

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    I don't agree with you, gwsongs. If your opponent is going to win in a few moves, why would you offer a draw? If they are good players they would decline immediately.

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    Some part of my agrees and some part of me disagrees. Of course you should not offer a draw because of fear. But I think you could offer a draw when you know that the opponent is going to win in 5 moves or so if he/she is doing things right.

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    Nice short article.

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    One guy tell me when i started playing chess that a person offers a draw when it´s a draw or he fear his position. So you have to look if the position it´s draw or you can continue playing!

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    I agree.  I think players need to focus on the positions on the board - and try to play the best moves. When I'm trying to draw a game I usually lose it.

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