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    • Interview with Gary kasparov

      I hope this interview is only already posted  Anyway links are  part 1- part2- part3- | Read More

    • Corus Round 11 Prediction

      My prediction  Smeets-Anand ----  0-1 Wely-Tiviakov----1/2-1/2 Short-Caruana----1-0 Nakamura-leko----1-0 Carlsen-Dominguez----1-0 Ivanchuk-Karjakin-----1/2-1/2 Shirov-Kramnik-----1/2-1/2 | Read More

    • Corus 2010---round 9 report

      Round 9 of corus 2010 has seen defeat of two title contenders. World number 1 Carlsen loses against Kramnik while Nakamura was defeated by Karjakin. According to Kramnik it was his best match in his entire career. Anand now is the only person ... | Read More