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    • Cool defense by Anand - Calculate and defend your King

      In yesterday's blitz game, Anand was facing Caruana who had just defeated Carlsen in the earlier round while he himself had lost to Aronian after a rare blunder. In the attached position, Caruana has just played his Rook to d8. For mos... | Read More

    • Chess - How to improve your Tactical defense?

      Chess is 99% tactics. Many games are won when you spot a tactical shot or simply miss one from your opponent.Hence, apart from sharpening your own tactical skills, it is also important to improve your defensive skills, so that you don't easily fal... | Read More

    • Your Move - Android app for Correspondence Chess players

      It gives me immense pleasure to announce 'Your Move', my new Android app for Correspondence Chess players of ICCF & SchemingMind.I joined ICCF in 2012 with the aim of improving my Chess skills. But not having an easy way to make moves from ... | Read More

    • Chess reading for the week - Apr 14th

      This was originally posted on my blog: From forum : "What music do you listen while playing chess?"Yes, some people do like listening to music while playing ches... | Read More